Wonderful healing of Rash

1 June 2007

Testimony of sist. Priscilla Hofman, June 2007

Around May, 2007, we noticed a small itchy place on our daughter, Priscilla’s head. Our doctor prescribed a shampoo, which should have helped; but instead, within two weeks, it changed to a big, bad-smelling abscess on her scalp with other little patches surrounding it. Also, her back was completely covered in a rash.

When an acting practitioner saw her, he prescribed an antibiotic for her, presuming it to be impetigo (a very contagious bacterial infection). Through this her condition only worsened. Two days later we went to our regular doctor (who was shocked when he saw the state of her scalp). He sent us to a dermatologist as there was nothing more he could do. He arranged an appointment for us for the next day and when the dermatologist saw her condition, he was also alarmed. He said he hadn’t seen something like this for a long time. He said it was a very rare condition and he immediately called another doctor in to look at it.

At this point we asked for prayer for Priscilla in the meeting. It all looked very serious. Shortly after the prayer, we noticed some little improvements which continually progressed.


The first photo was taken on 10-06-2007, the next one a month later.



She was under treatment of the dermatologist for a few months but he later remarked, on 2 or 3 separate occasions, how incredibly quickly she had recovered. During this time her hair had started to grow again, which was beyond expectations. This  really was a miracle because, although he had consoled us that her hair would grow back again, during the first consult, the longer the treatment continued the more he was convinced that it would not be possible for it to grow back. And he talked to us about a possible hair-transplant clinic. When, after a few months, her hair started to grow again, he told another doctor how very serious her condition had been and how miraculously quickly she had recovered. When I took her for the control appointment, a year later, he again repeated to us, “Truly, if you look in the books you will see just how serious this was and how quickly it is healed”.

We are still very grateful to the Lord for answering this prayer. 



New hear growing out by the grace of God.

Dutch (Netherlands)