The Familie Altaar

Het familie altaar

The book "Het Familie Altaar" is a Dutch translation of the English book "The Family Altar", a daily devotional book assembled by Timothy Dodd from Canada.

Each page in the book features:

  • Day number and date
  • At the bottom of the page, references to portions of Scripture from a schema to read the Bible in one year (365 days)
  • A short portion of Scripture (taken out of the schema for the appointed day)
  • A quote from a sermon of W.M. Branham (usually related to the portion of Scripture)

The Dutch translation features a colorful print and "red letter edition" Scripture portions.

This publication is available to read online, and can also be downloaded in the ePub format for reading it from a tablet, smartphone or E-book reader.

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Het Familie Altaar Deel 2

The Family Altar, volume 2 follows the four Gospels in chronological order. Instead of a plan to read through the Bible, there are references to the different Gospels concerning the day's specific event or parable.

Also this edition of The Family Altar Part 2 was compiled by Timothy Dodd.

The Dutch version has many colorful illustrations in addition to the translated text. It can be read online and be downloaded in the ePub format with different versions: standard, for Apple and without images.

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