Added an interview with Jack Vissing

9 August 2014

Attorney Jack Vissing, son of Jeffersonville’s mayor Richard L. Vissing, talks about William Branham.

Jack Vissing, a prominent local attorney in Jeffersonville, knew William Branham and in 2014 he gave an interview to VOGR (Voice Of God Recordings) about his experiences with Brother Branham and about the Second Street Bridge in Jeffersonville. Jack Vissing is not only an accomplished lawyer, but also highly respected member of the Jeffersonville community. His family members have been community leaders for decades. His father, Richard L. Vissing, was the longest standing mayor in Jeffersonville history (20 years), and also a personal friend of William Branham. Jack doesn’t follow the teachings of William Branham or attend an affiliated church; he is a loyal and active member of the local Saint Luke’s Church Of Christ.

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